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Exploring The Different Types Of Life Insurance Policies

Einstein Insurance serves the Portland, OR community. We are an independent agency. We offer our clients custom insurance policies designed to minimize risks. Finding the right insurance policy can be complicated. That’s why we take time to assess our client’s needs on an individual basis so that they can find coverage that specifically aligns with their personal situation. We have partnerships with multiple carriers throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Exploring The Different Types Of Life Insurance Policies

You may strive to make the most of every day as a Portland, OR resident. However, you have to plan for the future at some point. Accidents can happen at any moment. In the unfortunate event that something was to happen to you, life insurance allows you to leave something in place for your loved ones. The policy helps your family finalize your affairs and may help with funeral arrangements. If you are a business owner, life insurance can help cover the future of your business and ensure that there is a smooth transition. It also allows you to leave something behind for your children.

Term life insurance is a common option. This allows you to maintain coverage for a specified period of time. The majority of term life policies provide coverage for 15-20 years. Whole life insurance is another option. Whole life insurance covers you throughout your entire lifespan. The policy ensures that you will have coverage in place to assist with your funeral arrangements after you have passed away.

You can also find coverage through your employer. Group life insurance policies provide coverage to the entire workforce. Individual life insurance policies provide more flexibility.

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