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Oregon Employee Practices Coverage

Employee Practices in Oregon

If you own a business, especially a small company, it's good to have Employment Practices Liability Insurance. You may not have heard of this previously if you're just about to start your business and haven't gotten insurance yet officially. An experienced independent agent at Einstein Insurance of the Portland, OR area can help you set this up.

What Is Employment Practices Liability Insurance?

This type of policy offers protection to employers against claims from their employees regarding harassment, failure to promote, discrimination, wrongful termination, and other issues that may arise. A larger company likely has enough insurance for these claims already and legal departments to assist with such claims. New and small businesses don't have this in place, but they're still at risk for employees filing claims. It's ideal for preparing for anything that may happen by having proper coverage.

Be Prepared with Adequate Employee Practices Insurance

An Employment Practices Insurance policy has a specific amount of coverage that can be used towards certain expenses like defense costs after having a claim against you and your company. You don't only have financial protection with this policy. Some insurance carriers also provide your employees with free online support for training, free legal advice about employment law matters like drafting an employment agreement (contract), and forms that help with procedures and policies. Even outside of concerns about legal claims, you can enjoy the benefits of having this liability insurance.

Receive an Addition or Extension

Employment Practices Liability Insurance is usually an endorsement added to your general liability or your Business Owners Policy. You also can have this as a stand-alone policy. Any incidents that result in a claim must have occurred during your coverage period. You can't get this policy right after the claim or if you have a lapse in coverage.

Contact Einstein Insurance in Portland, OR to find out more about Employment Practices Liability Insurance in Oregon. Serving Oregon, there's a great deal that this agency can assist you with in terms of your business insurance needs.

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