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What is Employee Practices Insurance?

Employment practice refers to a company’s hiring protocol, employee management, and workplace conditions. There are a number of issues that could arise in a workplace setting, including discrimination, sexual harassment, or low wages. A worker might experience personal injury from an on-the-job accident, like a vehicle crash or a slip on the stairway. Regardless of the cause, many workers end up suing employers based on employee management.

If you’re a Portland, OR area-based employer, here is how you can find legal protection from Einstein Insurance.

What is Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance is the kind of coverage that protects the customer from legal situations. Employee practices often cross over with liability due to the fact that many employees opt to sue their employers over workplace conditions.

Employee practices liability insurance (EPLI) is a niche field that specializes in covering employers who are being sued over workplace practices. This kind of insurance will cover legal fees, including any medical bills or lawyer payments that you incur while in court. At Einstein Insurance, our team will help pay for legal situations involving the following:

  • wrongful termination
  • workplace injuries
  • unfair wages 
  • unpaid leave disputes
  • hostile work environment
  • discrimination based on sex, rage, age, or disability

Once you’ve made a claim for employee practices, an insurance agent should help you through this process with what to do. 

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Looking for quality employee practices insurance in Portland, OR? Feel free to contact Einstein Insurance for more information. Our team would be happy to schedule an appointment for you right away. In addition to employers, our agency provides insurance services for auto owners, homeowners, renters, contractors, and business owners. 

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