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Anticipating Insurance Needs For A Food Cart

While you’re enjoying the amazing barbecue meal you just got at a popular food cart, you aren’t wondering if the proprietor has insurance. Not many people wonder if their neighborhood ice cream truck, hot dog vendor, or the concessions at their kids’ softball and soccer games are insured. Trust us, they are. Our team at Einstein Insurance is here to explain to Portland, OR business owners why.

Why You Need Food Cart Insurance

The Heat Is On

Remember, food sitting in the heat during summer contracts all sorts of things. Spoilage and contamination are only two examples. Another is the power going out, causing your food to enter the danger zone.

The Action

Of course, you know that employees should be covered by workers’ comp by law. Add to all this that some bozo who decides racing your food cart on the street would be a blast could cause unimaginable damage. Einstein Insurance of Portland OR will help cover you for all this and more.

The Street

Remember that a food cart is not only a business; it’s a vehicle. You’ll need commercial auto insurance as well as business insurance. Ordinary liability will take care of the person accusing you of food poisoning (it’s up to them to prove it, so rest easy – we know you’re good to go) in addition to reputational damage (and this is the most important one.) Make sure you can prove your recipes are your recipes and not someone else’s.

Make sure you’re covered for breakdowns. We don’t mean the truck stops running. We mean if the stove breaks down or an unexpected power surge fries your equipment. Your commercial auto policy might not include this category, so first ask and then get a rider to cover mechanical breakdowns.

We Are Here To Help

We at Einstein Insurance in Portland, OR enjoy dining from food carts, too. We get it. Stop in or call to learn how we can help protect your food cart business – we are happy to help.

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